On October 1st, 2015, Just Surf closed doors and intentionally ceased operations of our surf accessory and rashguard distribution business. Steve Arms and Just Surf want to express our deepest appreciation to our customers, the many surf shops and related businesses that have turned to Just Surf over the past 20 years for our products and services.

According to Steve Arms, the reason for closing down Just Surf was simply that, he "had reached a juncture in his life where he can now focus his attention and energies on other, more personally fulfilling, endeavors".

Since 1995, we at Just Surf have enjoyed the special privilege of servicing the many specialized surf shops and related action-sports shops throughout California and beyond. Former customers are encouraged to fulfill their needs previously met by Just Surf thru other similar distributors still servicing the region.

And, when the waves are going off… JUST SURF!

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